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search chromatograms

Searching in a library of 400 chromatograms takes about 30 seconds.

Search Chromatograms

In the chromatogram library search mode MSChromSearch uses peak and sprectra data of chromatograms in a library to create chromatogram fit values for each entry. This fit value specifies the similarity between the library and searched chromatogram. MSChromSearch shows a hit list sorted by fit value.

The list can be printed or exported to a *.csv file that can be read by Excel diretly.

A quick mouse click is neccessary to open the chromatogram in various data systems (like the XCalibur QualBrowser) or to send library and searched chromatogram to further in-depth research within MSChromSearch.

The library search can be fully automated embedding MSChromSearch to any common data system batch process. This automation does not need user intervention.

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