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Change log

09.06.2015: Version 4.0.11

  • Enhanced the Peak Match table report
  • Corrected reading problems with some Xcalibur and Chemstation export files
  • minor other bugfixes
  • new search parameter: "use only the 'number' greatest peaks"


03.05.2013: Version 4.0.7

  • fixed the issues with Dongles, Windows 7 and 64 bit environments


17.12.2012 Version 4.0.6 RC

  • Resolved problems with windows 7 and 64 bit environments
  • there is still a problem with 64bit and Dongles.
  • new function Multiple File Peak Summary
  • MS spectra in the MS-Options can be renamed
  • minor change in the enlargement function when using a small selection
  • RI Match of two peaks having not RI attached data is 1 (used to be 0)


29.11.2008: Version 3.1.5

  • resolved an V3.1.2 issue with one special batch of dongles

21.09.2010: Version 3.1.2

  • new: a new function allows detailed comparison von two chromatograms with a new unified peak match table
  • bugfix: Agilent Chem Station Export Makro, if a peak's mass specs has only very few signals.
  • new: experimental integration of the Leco TOF software
  • enhanced: convert all files for Agilent ChemStation macro exported data
  • new: optional use of absolute peak area or height for comparing peak data
  • some more minor enhancements and bugfixes

07.11.2008: Version 3.0.6b

  • resolved an issue with the 3.0.6a installer

23.10.2008: Version 3.0.6a

  • Documentation update, correction in Chemstation integration command line 

09.10.2008: Version 3.0.6

  • Installation: chosse between german and english online help and manual
  • Documentation update, new english documentation
  • Retention-Index functionality, many changes
  • Bugfix: reading NIST-Text mass spectra didn't read all peaks.
  • Command line options for RI and RI-Window
  • catch faulty XCalibur Installations.
  • Error message while reading chromatograms contains file name and error message
  • Bugfix on removing an overlayed chromatogram.
  • MS display of a spectrum without MS peaks
  • Debug-Code issue "flaw in drawing color scale"
  • Tooltip of a peak match linie contains MS match
  • Bugfix on empty chromatogram windows
  • Bugfix on reading XCalibur hires MS data
  • Bugfix: Search parameters were changed even if cancel was pressed

03.12.2007: Version 2.0.16

  • Bugfix: reading XCalibur MS data.
  • new: Movement and scaling in all chromatogram displays.
  • Bugfix: reading correct peak width from Chrom Perfect files.
  • Bugfix: a program option was stored in the wron Registry path.
  • docs updated and extendet.
  • Installation programm reads existing serial number when updating MSChromSearch.


19.04.2007: Version 2.0 Build 13

  • New module for reading Agilent Chemstation-Files.
  • new module "Overlay".
  • new module "Chromatogram Match".
  • search chromatogram library subfolders.
  • Online Help.
  • common search option for all modules.
  • print the match matrix.
  • copy match matrix to the clipboard.
  • Proram options form.
  • convert all files in a folder in one step.
  • Importi mass spectra from NIST and other programs.
  • Zoom in matrix display.
  • Drag & Drop Support for Match Matrix.
  • many smaller Bugfixes
  • new license type "USB-Dongle" allows installation on more than one computer.
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